Who we are:

Hudson Ceramic was established in January, 2006. With years of growth, Hudson has become a leading supplier of Porcelain Tiles, and has built up long-term business relationships with some top distributors and contractors in the world including the North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Aisa and Middle East. Every month, we export more than 400 containers worldwide. 

We can help to grow your business by offering:
• New products to cope with the changing demands of customers. 
• Customized products and services. 
• Strict quality control and prompt delivery 
• Finance Support.

We have a grand showroom covering over 2000 square meters with hundreds of items, welcome to work with Hudson!

Hudson Ceramic
Tel: +86 757 8330 6657
Fax: +86 757 8330 5878
Mail: info@hudsonchina.com
Web: http://hudsoncreamic.com

Address: Suite 6-11, 2fl, Bldg. B2, Yingke Yijia. 4th. Jihua Rd., Foshan, Guandong, 528000 P.R.C.